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Sunday Weigh-In



Waist: 49.5 inches
Weight: 280
I have lost 4.5 inches since 10/1/11
I have lost 3.6 pounds since 10/1/11
Previous Weigh-Ins


Weight: 283.6

Waist: 54″



Weight: 282 (Lost 1.6 lb)

Waist: 51″ (lost 3″ – Yay!)


W.L. Journey 10/28


Well, yesterday I did not do actual exercising, but I did go shopping and walked a lot!  I think that counts.  Plus, lifting MaKayla in and out of the carts, chasing after her and hauling bags into my car and so on, that counts I think also!!

Today on the other hand, I did not do a whole lot.  I was taking a break.  I did a few things, like cleaning for work and using a jigsaw to cut out projects from wood, but I did not do much exercise.  I had too many other things to do and just was not in the mood.

As far as food, well, I had mini tacos from the gas station, a breakfast sandwich, water, yes I had a pop, and a reeses (UGH – darn sweet tooth!!) – for supper I had tacos at home – a soft shell taco – 2 small ones.

I forgot my gum for work and wanted to snack and of course someone had to bring cake with that yummy cool whip frosting!  Oh YUM!  I had a piece and a half – BLAH!!  I am so kicking myself – so DUMB!!

Oh well, what is a diet when you don’t fall off the band wagon every so often – but tomorrow is a new day, right?

What did you do today??

Unorganized Day 10/28


Haha!!!  Yup!  That is me!

I used my notebook a whole one day and have not since.  It is still in my purse – does me no good there, huh?  Well, I remembered to deliver one of my packages today, but not the other.  Was going to mail a coupon to a winner of my other blog, but forgot that too.  I also forgot a movie AGAIN (Winnie The Pooh) to return to the gas station that is in the town I work, which is 22 miles from where I live, so I cannot just return whenever I want.  It was suppose to be returned Wednesday! After the fees, I could have just bought it!  UGH!  Not very frugal of me, huh??

I also have a Tastefully Simple booth tomorrow, and I forgot to get cash/change for it and I leave before the banks open and no place to get cash, so, not sure what i will do now.  At least I remembered to get the sour cream to make my sample dips, whichj I did not start until 8:30p – but they only took me 10min to make – good thing this stuff is so “Simple” to make!

Ha!  I made a funny!

Anyways, I hope I am ready and have everything for my booth – even tho UPS decided to not deliver my package today like they were suppose to, they decided to do it Monday instead – little late people!!  Good grief!

Well, I hope you had a more organized day than I!  I really need to get into the habit of writing in my To Do book!!

Do you have a To Do book??

Unorganized Day 10/26/11

Oh Man, today started out just so wrong!!

I of course was on a mission to get a little more organized, so I got everything prepared for the kids for school and took out the meat for supper and things like that.  Well, I had intentions of getting up and starting some chicken in the slow cooker before going to work.

Let me tell ya what – that did not happen at all!  My alarm went off at 6:30, the 6:35, 6:40a and lastly at 6:45a – I hit the button with good intentions of getting out of bed – YES – I know you know where this is headed – Yup!  I fell back to sleep and when I awoke, the clock read 7:27a – I had 33 min to get myself and 2 kids ready, get them to daycare and get to work – now, mind you, I live 22 miles from work!  Think I made it?  Ya, no, I was 10 minutes late!

Well, at least I remembered my coupon binder and checkbook so I could go get groceries after work.

Well, I had my new notbook in my purse and knew what I had to do after work.  I got the Tinkerbell jewelry box for my daughter that someone was giving away that I was suppose to pick up Sunday!  I gave my Renuzit winner from my Mommy Of 3 Kiddos blog their prize (well one of them) and I got groceries.  I also went to workout, but before that I asked my hubby to throw the chicken in the oven and t o let him know I was working out and he said, so, this will not get done until 6:30 ish and the kids will be skipping AWANAS, huh?  CRAP!!  Well, forgot about AWANAS!  GO figure!

Anyways, so, we switched it up to hotdogs and mac & cheese (which was on my menu for Friday) so they could eat before going.  I worked out for about half an hour so I could leave town by 5:30 to get home and feed kids and get them out to AWANAS.  Well, I was suppose to get the Velveeta cheese for the noodles and, yup, you guessed it, I forgot it! 

Some days I amaze myself when I find my way home!

Well, we improvised, ate and got the kids to AWANAS on time!  WHEW!

And, to top it off, it was Family meal night at AWANAS, so I would not have had to feed them! Go Figure!

Well, it is funny though, because once everyone was in bed, I got out my coupon binder and started organizing my shopping trip for tomorrow – and that is about the only thing I keep organized – My coupon binder!  LOL!  Soon I will have to show you my binder – I am very proud of it!

So, how was your unorganized day??

W.L Journey 10/26


Well, let’s see, today was a slum kind of day. Unfortunately.

I started out good.  Had a water, a healthy frozen dinner (is there such a thing?), some vegetable thin crackers, and milk.

I also had a slim jim (luv me some jerky) and some more vegetable thin crackers and a can of root beer

Supper was interesting.  I came home and ate, it was a fast evening as I had to get the kids to AWANAS, so we had hotdogs and noodles.  Not the best of choices, but it happens.  Then, took my two youngest to AWANAS and found out it was Family night, well, not to be rude, we had to eat a little something, had a sloppy jo, some fritos and a small slice of cake.

Feeling a little down, and ended up having 3 (maybe 4) fun size hershey bars!  UGH!  Why are these things in my house??  They need to be gone!  BE GONE HERSHEY BARS!

And, had more water!

As far as working out

Went to the gym for about half hour.  I walked the kids to AWANAS 2 blocks, then 2 blocks home and 2 blocks back to get them and 2 blocks home again.  Not far, but it is better than nothing!

Tomorrow should be interesting – heading to the big town near me to shop! 

What did you do today??

W.L. Journey 10/25


Okay, so if you read my Unorganized Day post, you know I have lost my key card for the gym!  I have 3 friends that go with me to workout and none of them were able to go, so I had no way of going. 

I did not let it stop me though – I am determined this time.  I have tried and started diets many times, but I always end up giving up!  Nope, not this time!!

So, as I watched/ and still am watching Biggest Loser, I worked out with my weights and other stuff for a good 20 minutes!  Not the same workout I would get at the gym, but every little bit helps!

As far as food intake, I did okay.  I did not snack as much as I use to!

I had a few crackers, 3 bottles of water, leftover hotdish and corn from last night, a cupcake we made at work and gum!

I also had a snicker bar, I was hungry at my son’s basketball game as it ran from 5p – 7p (over supper) and all they had for concessions were candies and popcorn.  And, I had one can of pop – I know!!

For supper, I had two pieces of homemade deer sausage and a homemade strawberry pancake

And now, I am drinking water and chewing gum 🙂

My weigh-In is Sunday – hoping for good numbers!

What did you do today??

My unorganized day 10/25

Yup, I really need to learn and become more organized!  I need one of these To Do checklist books to carry with me daily!!

The night before, I should write down what I need to do the next day so I do not forget!

  • I was to drop a package off to someone
  • Pick up a Tinkerbell Jewelry box
  • Leave a book with a friend to give to their sister
  • Get milk
  • Go workout (by myself today)
  • Mail out my Mommy Of 3 Kiddos Renuzit Winner coupon and drop the other off in town
  • Go to my oldest son’s basketball games
  • Stop at the gas station to get some things from my Mother & a friend

And, do you know how many of these I remembered to do??  TWO!!  Yes, only 2 out of the 8 things!

I seriously need help!  I could not go workout because I have lost my key card to get in, and the rest – I just spaced out!

And, yes!  I did remember to go to my son’s basketball games! 

How do you stay organized? 

Help this Mommy out –