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Sunday Weigh-In: Error!


This is totally what I saw Sunday morning!! 


 I don’t even want to post my weigh-in!  I am so ashamed that I let Turkey day over come me – TWICE!  Once with my hubby’s side and then with my side of the Family!

So, let’s just skip this weigh-in and proceed as normal next Sunday!

I will totally understand if you want to plead the fifth this week as well!



Small towns are not always safe


When you hear small town, you think that everybody know everybody, we trust everyone and everything is great.  We leave our car doors unlocked and keys in ignition all night.  We go somewhere and leave our house unlocked.  The kids run around without fear, but, truth is – small towns are not all peaches and cream!

I was one that trusted this town and did not always lock my door, then one day, I found someone had came into my house and went into my safe and stole about $400 from my kids.  Money they had saved from birthdays and earned pretty much all of  their life so far.  I had no leads, nothing.  So, we took the loss and started locking our doors.

Well, last night we came home from a day of making deer sausage at my parents and found that someone had made their self at home in MY house while we were gone.  We did lock the door when we left, but they somehow got the back door open.  This person made a pizza and ate it in my house, played a little wii, went into my oldest son’s room and went through his psp games and played his psp. They drank our pop, and even found the bb gun in the gun cabinet and shot at full cans of pop and let pop run all over my kitchen.  This person even set a bottle on fire and burned part of my couch and my carpet  They even went as far as taking a bath in my tub!

Seriously, who would do something like that?  I am so pissed!

But, they did leave something behind and I WILL find out who is doing this!

And the cops will get involved!

What would you do in a situation like this?

Kindle Fire Giveaway

The Kindle Fire is one of this season’s hottest items — and we are giving one away to one lucky reader! The winner will receive a Kindle Fire PLUS a bonus $50 Amazon gift card to use towards accessories or downloads of your choice. Giveaway starts 11/25 at Noon EST and ends 11/25 at 11:59 pm EST. This giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!

Note regarding double entries: We know that many of our readers enter multiple giveaways a day and sometimes lose track of which ones they’ve entered. If you should happen to enter twice by accident or on separate blogs, this will NOT disqualify you. At the end of the giveaway all double entries are deleted so that each person has only one set of entries. This is to ensure that all entrants have a fair chance at being chosen as the winner.

Go HERE for the entry form!

Gobble Gobble



Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend

Weekly Menu 11/21 – 11/25


Here is my weekly menu!

Planning an easy week!

New to weekly menus?  Go HERE to learn more

Monday 11/21: Spaghetti

Tuesday 11/22: Leftovers (we have lots to get rid of to make room for turkey day!)

Wednesday 11/23: Pizza

Thursday 11/24: Turkey and all the other stuff

Friday 11/25: Leftovers!!!

General Mills Giveaway Winner


YAY!  We have a Winner!

Rafflecopter and has randomly chosen a winner and the winner is Tonya J.!

You will receive your General Mills Heroes Pack within 2-3 weeks!


DOTS Planner pages Giveaway


Organization – what can I say?  Not my strong point, but I am trying – LOL! 

I tried doing a Family Planner and I did okay for like a week and that was it – I dropped off doing it.  I did keep one of the pages though and keep up on it and that is the one where I record what bills we have and when/if I paid them for that particular month.  Not sure what I would do without that!

Well, Uncreative Mommy is actually quite creative!  She has some great organizational sheets for everything and everyone that she has designed herself and they are quite cute! 

She has been sweet enough to offer a great giveaway – she is giving away her DOTS Planner sheets, which include 52 pages!  This is for everything from Babysitter list to Spring Cleaning!  You can see them  here, but not all 52 pages have been featured on her Etsy site yet – and who does not love surprises?  I know I do!

Uncreative Mommy is giving away one set of DOTS Planner for every 60 entries!  So, be sure to enter for as many of the entries as you can!!  The more you enter, the better your chance of winning!  I know I would love this!  I need help in organizing!

Go HERE now for the entry form!