Frugal Organizing: Random Tips to do for little or nothing


I love this and it works great!

1/3 c baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 plastic bag & 1 twisty tie

Thanks Frugally Sustainable





How genius is this??
Clip to your desk, night stand or
anywhere else you want this   

Thanks The Pampered Mom




      Here is a great idea – Melt down
                  candles and pour them into ice   
                     cube trays, freeze for 1/2 hour,
                        pop out and store in baggie to 
                           use later in your warmer!!!    
Thanks A Day in My Life





Use soap travel boxes to store crayons,
playing cards and more!!!
I know what I am picking up next time I go
shopping!!  I have so many decks of cards
that need to be organized!

Thanks Shady Tree Diary






Yup!  I love this idea too and need to do it!
Seriously, whom does not have cords like this,
instead of guessing, put those bread labels to good use!!!



Do you have any tips and frugal ideas to share?  Please do………….


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