About Me

Hello!!!  I am Tonia!

I am a mom of 3

Zachary (11), Cayden (6) and MaKayla (3)

I am married to my hubby Chris

Together since 1998, married since 2003

I am Unorganized for the most part, but working on that

I am overweight – about 100lbs

On a Weight Loss Journey

I am done having children – 3 is enuf for me!

I was born in April 1981 (Bet you are doing the math!)

I hate cleaning

I love my Family

I am not perfect

I have Family issues

I can have anger issues

My kids can drive me crazy

I love my kids

I love my husband

I love couponing

I love free stuff

I hate bills

I hate dealing with money

I love crafts

I love to bake

I may add more when I feel like it!

I am who I am and if you don’t like me for it – I could care less!


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