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Banana Bread: Time with my Daughter


My daughter and I decided to make Banana Bread the other night!  We love to bake together and really wish we could do it more often.
I always cherish these moments together.  She will soon be 4!  My baby is getting soo big.
We had a lot of fun!

In it goes to bake while we anxiously wait for it to be done!
(Please pay no attention to my dirty oven!)



I know most people like just butter on their banana bread, but we love cream cheese frostin on ours!

How do you like your Banana Bread??


Sooooo Excited!


I am just sooo thrilled!!!

Today I was asked to be the God Mother to my new nephew!!! 
I am just beyond thrilled 🙂
His name is Jadyn and my brother’s first child, he is such a cutie




Christmas photos

I love taking pictures of my children!  I just ordered my Christmas cards with this photo! 

Zachary is 11

Cayden is 6

MaKayla is 3 1/2

Christmas Tree Decorating


We decorated  our Christmas tree – I love this part of the Holiday! 

Watching the kids smile and hang up their ornaments they have received through the years.  It is a tradition they get one each Christmas.  I have done this ever since my first was born 11 years ago!

Garland, Lights, Beads – so much fun!

I love making these kind of memories with my Family!

Happy Halloween!


My 3 Kiddos – Aren’t they Beautiful??

This is my oldest, Zachary!  He is 11, and is my jailbird! He looks so big in this pic – boy do they grow up fast!

He won 3rd place in his age group at the Halloween party!  YAY!

This is my middle child, Cayden – he is 6 and is my Army Dude!!

And my baby, MaKayla – she is 3.  Really not sure what her costume really is, we just called her a Bat Princess – she loved it!

She looked so cute!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!