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Overly Tired!


Have you ever had kids (or even a spouse) that has been so overly tired that it drives you insane? 

Oh yeah, that is totally my daughter tonight.  She is keeping everyone up with her screaming fit. She is tired, but refuses to go to sleep.  And she is sooo tired, that she has no idea why she is even crying!

We have been at this for about a half hour now, she is not one to give in. She is a very stubborn little girl.

Well, I pray she gives in early because we are all going to be crabby in the morning!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!


I Hate You Mom!!

“I Hate You, Mom”

Yup, I hate those dreaded words and my kids have fixed this phrase as second nature.  Between this one and “Mom, Mom, MOOOOM!” – I don’t know which one I hear most.

Well, got son up this morning and the first thing out of his mouth? YUP! “I hate you, Mom”

Not sure if it was becaus eI woke him up and he was not ready, or if it was done out of habit.  EIther way, it hurts.  Even though I hear it several times a day, and I know they don’t really mean it, it still hurts. 

I wish I knew how to break them of this habit.  My middle son was the one whom started it and my daughter heard it so much, she says it too.  My oldest does not.  Which is nice 🙂

Do have any issues with this or something like it?  Did you do a reward system for them not saying it?  any ideas?



Okay, so I really don’t watch Family Guy, but I know this quote from the scene well!

Yes, it was funny when I saw the clip, but when my kids do it, it drives me insane!

I love being a mom, but the word “MOM” drives me nuts for as many times as I hear it in a day!

My children are impatient, they think I can be there the second they say mom! 

They think mom is never busy and think, “Mom can show up when I call her the very second I say mom!  so “MOM!!” two seconds and mom did not show up, “MOM”, another 2 seconds and no mom “MOM” ” – and so on until I am at the end of the hall walking toward wherever they are (room, bathroom, hanging from the ceiling fan, standing on the desk) and telling them I am coming, and there is no need to say Mom more than once, I heard them the first time!

Yup!  Sounds familiar, don’t it?

Oh yeah, we do this daily!

Some days I wish they would do this with Dad!!  I am so for hearing “Dad” for a while!!

UGH! Bedtime


Why does bedtime have to be the worst sometimes?  Boy oh boy!! 

We try and do the same routine every night.  Sometimes it gets changed depending on school/Family activities, but otherwise, we keep it the same.

7:15 – we start baths/showers and jammies

7:30: They clean up their toys

7:45: We read a book (sometimes we do not get to this)

8:00: Brush teeth

8:10: in bed

They get to watch a cartoon until 8:30p and then the tv goes off and they go to sleep!

But tonight, the boys did greast, my daughter on the other hand is still awake – Screaming!!!

Yes, as I type this, she is scfreaming, trying ot get out of going to sleep.

Well, she has decided to throw all of her stuffed animals on the floor and now wants me to put them back on her bed for her.  I refused to, explained I would help her, but I was not going to pick them up for her.  MaKayla has decided she did not want to help so I left.  She is now screaming and crying because she is overly tired and is stubborn and will not give in.  has been about 45 min of this now!

——- 5 Minute Lapse——

Okay, animals are picked up and she is covered and happy now!  WOW!  She is one stubborn little girl.

I am so NOT looking forward to her teen years!!


OMG!!!  What is going on with kids?  Why do they have to be so loud?

For example, my son is in his room playing right now and he is being LOUD! A high pitched scream will come from back there every so often and of course, I go back to see what is going on and he is fine – “Just playing, Mom” he says. 

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