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My shopping trip 2/22 (CVS & Target)

Here is a breakdown of what I got

(2) Purell Hand Sanitizer $2.99 each
Mentos UP2U 3pk $2.99
Sour Patch Kids $1.97
Fun Dip $3.29
(2) Ortega Taco Seasoning $.79 each
(3) Wall Hooks $4.99 each
(4) Splash engine flid $1.99 each
Axe Deodorant 3pk $5
Oral B toothbrush w/trial size of scope toothpaste $3.99
Up & Up Cotton Balls $.99
Placemat 2pk $9.99
(4) Mac & Cheese $.67 each
Thermal under shirt $9.99
Total: $71.38

Clearance taken off and Coupons:
-$1/1 Purell Target Q HERE x 2
-$1/1 Purell Q HERE x 2
-$1/1 UP2U Target Q HERE
-1/1 UP2U Q from insert
-$1/1 Sour patch kids Q (NLA)
-$2.31 for 90% clearance on Fun Dip
-$1/2 Ortega Q from HERE
-$3.01 for clearance on hooks x 3
-$1.41 for clearance on Splash x 4
-$1.50 for clearance on Axe
-$1/1 Axe from an insert
-$1.45 on clearance for Oral B
-$1/1 Oral B Target Q from a home mailer
-$1/1 Oral B from an insert
-$.50/1 Up & Up cotton Target mobile Q
-$7.01 on clearance for placemats
-$.50/2 mac & cheese Target Q HERE
-7.01 for clearance on thermal
-$5 gift card from a previous purchase
-$1.10 from 5% off for using Target card
Total after discounts & Q’s: $18.83

Total Savings of  $52.55

I was sooo excited when I found the hooks and placemats. We are finally getting the inside of our entryway finished and these are the exact color I am decorating with!!  Cannot wait to show you everyone the finished project..


CVS Purchase

ColdCalm $6.99 (get 6.99 eb)
(6) Ludens cough drops 3/$5 (get 3eb wyb 3 x 2)
CVS bandaids $3.29
Total: $20.28
-$1/1 ColdCalm Q HERE
-1/2 Ludens from an insert x 3
-$3.29 for a raincheck on free bandaids I got back in Aug
-$3/$15 CVS Q
Total OOP $9.99
PLUS got back $12.99 in extrabucks to use on my next purchase

Technically I got all of this free, plus made $3 🙂


Challenge: Spend under $20 shopping trip


Okay, if you follow Unorganized Mommy on Facebook, you have already seen this, but wordpress was not working last night and I know some of you were anxious to see if I had beat my challenge – and, I did!  Yay!

Anyways, I wanted to do a post to show you the deals I got in a good breakdown and where I got the coupons from so you can get some of the great deals if you wish!!  So, here ya go…….

I had already done my shopping on a trip to our closest city with a Walmart/Target etc (which is an hour away) but that was on a Sunday and I had to get license plates for my car, which was a fiasco (which I will vent about too later- LOL) – but I figured that since I already got what I needed, I would set a challenge for myself to go and spend no more than $20, shop at least 3 stores and buy more than $60 in items.  Those were my goals!

I had a list of over $100 worth of stuff, but as always with our ND stores, the prices were either higher than the deal blog’s local store I got the prices from (ND prices are normally higher than most places), they were out of stock of the item I wanted, or they did not have that item at all! But, I got what I could 🙂

First, I stopped at K-Mart because they are doubling coupons up to $1 every Wed. and Sat. through April!

(check out Cuckoo for Coupon Deals – she always has the details!!)

Anyways, they did not have the items I had on my list to get, I searched the aisles for other items, but nothing enthused me.  I did spot 90% off Christmas items and needed a new tree skirt, so I snatche one of those for just $2.49 (down from $24.99) – YAY!

$20 – $2.49 = $17.51 reamaining

I then went to Target and got the items in the picture above.

Did 2 transactions

Transaction #1

(3) Flinstones Gummies $5.99
*Buy 3 and get $5 Target gift card (unadvertised deal)
Total: $17.97
I used (3) $2/1 coupons from a recent Smartsource insert
combined with (3) $2/1 Target printable coupons
OOP $5.97

$17.51 – $5.97 = $11.54 remaining

Transaction #2

(4) Market Pantry Mac & Cheese $.87 each
(2) Planet 51 DVD $4.75 each
(1) Softsoap Handsoap Holiday Scent $1.04 on clearance (not pictured)
(2) Willy Wonka Valentine card/Candy packs @ $3.29 each
Total: $20.60
(4) $1/1 mp mac & chz Target Q
 (reduced to take $.87 off and not $1 – Target will not give overage on coupons)
(2) $3/1 Planet 51
$.75/1 softsoap from a previous newspaper insert
(2) $1/1 willy wonka manu coupons
(1) $1/2 Target Q
Used $5 gift card from previous transaction
Total OOP: $2.37

$11.54 – $2.37 = $9.17 remaining

Then, for my third store, I went to Walmart and of course, they did not have everything I wanted, and I also realized I left my stack of Frigo cheese coupons at home, so I was disappointed I could not get those.

(4) 20oz Coke Zero $1.38 each
(2) UP2U gum $1.22 each
Renuzit scents $1 each on clearance
(2) Franks Red Hot sauce $1.08 each
(2) Reynolds slow cooker liner $1.76 each
Nexcare bandaids $1 on clearance
(This was only the Shrek ones on clearance-coupon only said one coupon per day so could only get one)
travel Olay body wash $.97
travel herbal essence $.97
(2) Hormel Chili $1.29 each
Total: $21.16
(4) $.99/1 coke Zero (coupon NLA)
(2) $1/1 UP2U in recent coupon insert
(2) $.30/1 Frank’s
(2) $1/1 Reynolds liner
$.55/1 Nexcare
$1/1 Olay from P&G home mailer
$1/1 Herbal from a P&G home mailer
$1/2 hormel chili
(coupon NLA, but there is a $.55/2 HERE)
Total OOP: $9.05

So, in the end My Goal:

Hit 3 stores – CHECK

Get over $60 in items before coupons – total was $62.22 – CHECK

Spend less than $20 OOP – paid only $19.88 – CHECK

$9.17 – $9.05 = $.12 Remaining!

I also had items that I returned from a previous purchase because I got the wrong items, I got back $12.48 at Target and $6 at Walmart, so if you want to be technical, I really only spent $1.40!!!



$1/1 Yoplait Smoothies


I love coupons and I was emailed this one to share.  Have you ever tried Yoplait Smoothies?  I have one in my freezer but have not tried them.  This one looks and sounds YUMMY!!! It is a chocolate/banana smoothie –

You can usually find these for like $2.49

You can use the $1/1 coupon from HERE

And pay just $1.49!!!

This coupon was sent to me to share with you from Yoplait through My BlogSpark!

Shopping Woes – Unorganized Day 11/12

Did you ever decide to go shopping and was all excited the night before and then the day comes, you are in such a “funk” that it is not even fun??

This is how I was yesterday!  WOW!  It got even worse throughout the day.

Friday night I stayed up later than usual (2:30a) and got my list ready, my coupons organized and was all ready to go!

I got the portable tv ready for the kiddos, colors and coloring books and was all ready to go.

Morning came, we got dresses, my Mother came to pick us up and away we went.

1. Well, on the way there, the DVD player kept skipping, so the kids were disappointed they could not watch a movie on our two hour trip – FAIL

2. We got to our first store and I was excited to get this great Barbie DVD deal Target was doing, you bought the new Christmas DVD and get a Chelsea doll free – Great Christmas gift for my daughter – yup, had tons of DVDs but out of dolls – wish they would prepare for these deals better! – FAIL

But, on the up side of that, I did do awesome on other Target deals!  Check out my Target shopping HERE

 3. Went to K-Mart because my husband wanted some hunting stuff, he said he saw somewhere it was 50% off – got there, nope, no sale – FAIL

But, I did get some awesome deals on Halloween items!  Check it out HERE

4. We went out to eat for lunch and both kids wanted to sit by Grandma – MaKayla had a screaming FIT!!  In the end, Cayden was a sweetheart and moved – Lunch!  FAIL!

5. We went to Walmart, I had a few things to put on layaway, I was unable to send in my payments nor pay online – had to go in person, I live 2 hours away – FAIL!

6. Still at Walmart, I was still in that funk and just could not find half the stuff I wanted, and forgot some things, but too tired to backtrack and get it.  FAIL

7. At checkout, I price-matched some softsoap, but grabbed hand foaming ones instead of regular so had to exchange and make everyone behind me wait – FAIL

But, it was an awesome deal – see it HERE

8. Had $30 in gift cards I wanted touse, but after being frazzled, I forgot and remembered after she ran my check through – FAIL

So, I really had the shopping woes – it was not a good shoping day – Not fun at all!

Have you ever had days like that?

K-Mart trip! Saved over $160!


Can you believe I paid just over $8 for all of this??

K-Mart had 90% off all of their Halloween!!

The two top outfits I paid $3.99 each (was $39.99)

The other 2 outfits, I paid $2.49 each (Was $24.99)

Tights piad $.49 (Was $4.99)

Door decor thing with sound paid $.79 (was $7.99)

Witch Broom paid $.59 (Was $5.99)

Big face makeup paid $.79 (Was $7.99)

Smaller makeup paid $.39 (Was $3.99)

Spider Webs paid $.29 each (Was $2.99)

Candle paid $2.19 (Was $12.99)

(not pictured) 2 candies paid $1.49 each (Was $2.99)

Total $21.94

I had some credit in my account from the Awards program

After that credit, I paid just $8.98!!

Retail this all would have cost me $172.87!!

I saved $163.89!!

Can ya believe it???

Walmart Trip 11/12



I got mare things at Walmart thanthis, but this was the only deal I did there I wanted to share!

I took the CVS ad with me for the week and did my fisrt price-match!

These Softsoap Hand Soaps are narmally $2.47

After price-matching, I get them reduced to $.99 each!

To make this even better, I had $.75/1 coupons!  So, this is what it looks like

(12) Hand Soaps $.99
Total $11.88
Used (12) $.75/1 Q’s
OOP $2.88 for all 12 (That is $.24 each!!)

My Target trip 11/12

Transaction #1

(3) CoverGirl Eye Shadow $2.99
Total $8.97
Used (2) $1/1 Target Q’s
Used $2.50/2 Manu Q
Used $1/1 Manu Q
OOP $4.47
PLUS, got back $5 gift card for buying 3
Transaction #2
(2) AXE Body Wash w/travel size clearance $2.98
(4) Night shirts clearance $2.98
(2) Dr. Pepper 10 $1.29
Suave Professionals Shanpoo $2.87
Suave Professionals Conditioner $2.87
(2) Nivea Body Wash $3.99
TinkerBell Scooter for X-Mas gift $27
Total $61.18
Used (2) $1.50/1 AXE Qs
Used (4) $3/1 Sleepwear Target Q
Used (2) Free Dr. Pepper 10 Qs
Used (2) Free Suave Prfessionals Qs
Used (2) $1/1Suave  Manu Qs
Used (2) $1/1 Suave Target Qs
Used $5/1 Scooter Q
Used $5 gift card from transaction 1
OOP $23.86
*I love walking out of the store with these kinds of deals!!!