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Frugal Organizing: Random Tips to do for little or nothing


I love this and it works great!

1/3 c baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 plastic bag & 1 twisty tie

Thanks Frugally Sustainable





How genius is this??
Clip to your desk, night stand or
anywhere else you want this   

Thanks The Pampered Mom




      Here is a great idea – Melt down
                  candles and pour them into ice   
                     cube trays, freeze for 1/2 hour,
                        pop out and store in baggie to 
                           use later in your warmer!!!    
Thanks A Day in My Life





Use soap travel boxes to store crayons,
playing cards and more!!!
I know what I am picking up next time I go
shopping!!  I have so many decks of cards
that need to be organized!

Thanks Shady Tree Diary






Yup!  I love this idea too and need to do it!
Seriously, whom does not have cords like this,
instead of guessing, put those bread labels to good use!!!



Do you have any tips and frugal ideas to share?  Please do………….


Frugal Organizing: Wipes Containers


So, how much can you do with a wipes container?


I know everyone has some sort of these lying around the house.  My kids are beyond diapers, but these are nice to have in the car, when you go camping or the cleaning wipe containers work for organizing as well!

So, instead of throwing them out – put them to use!

How about plastic bag storage??


<————Picture Source: A Simple Heart



                   Picture Source: Tranquility Place ————–>




And, I love this ribbon organizing idea!!!  How cool is that??  Instructables shows you how to do this HERE


You can obviously use wipes containers for many, many things!

Hold crayons, a money bank, store rope. You can also use them for a First Aid Kit to keep in your car or carry in your suitcase, Use it to store bottle accessories – line them all into the container without the lid.  Use as a sewing Kit storage, put LEOGS in, grooming supplies or how about using the bottom part for a form to make sand or snow castles with?  How fun!

How do you use your empty containers??

Frugal Organizing: PVC Pipe


What can you do with PVC pipe to organize? Plenty!!


It s amazing what you can do with PVC pipe. 

How about this really cool wine glass holder?


Thi is a great idea for organizing baby items, or you can set it on your desk area and organize glue, paperclips and more!

Go HERE to know how to mke it!


picture source & instructions: Family Handyman

I love this idea!  Not only can you use this for in the garage, but how about for your craft room or office?



You can even organize your kitchen with PVC piping!



Picture Source: AshBee Design


And for more inspiration!






Picture Source: Tennessee GrandDaddy       








  Picture Source: Family Handyman     
Picture Source: The New Clay News

Goals – one accomplished


Okay, so I am seriously not the most organized person, and most of you know that.  I truly am horrible.  And, my procrastination on top of that is not a great combination!

Anyways, I have accomplished one goal on my mission to become organized and what is that goal?

Well, it was to keep up and stick with my weekly menu planning!

This was actually something I tried before, but I did a monthly one and hated it and I am sure that is why I did not stick with it.  but, now I am just on a weekly one and loving it.  The kids and even hubby enjoy getting involved in picking what we will be having for the week.  It is so nice knowing what you will be making, and what kind of meat to take out ahead of time.

Doing this also helps me buy only the things I need at the store to finish a meal and since I work full-time, if I need to prepare something the night before so we can eat at a descent time the next day, I will know!

Do you do menu planning?

If not and you want to get started, check out how HERE!

Now, onto my next Goal of organization……. Papers!

Frugal Organizing: Toiletpaper/Paper Towel spools


How much can you really do with a paper towel or toiletpaper roll?

Well, let me show you and you be the judge….

picture source: Space for Living Organizing

You can make a really nice looking plastic bag holder!  Wrap it in pretty paper and hang it on the wall, and Voila!

Picture Source HERE

And, how cute is this ribbon holder? Ribbon wrapped around the rolls and put on hanger! Way cool



And, of course you can always organize your cords with these rolls!




And, I thought this was pretty interesting!

Some of these look like toiletpaper rolls from those big rolls you find in like restrooms and such – Pretty neat for a scrapbooking area or office space!


  And, organize your hair ties/pins!

Picture Source: The Beauty Coach




And, how about these adorable pen/pencil holders!!




Have you been inspired?  I hope you share your ideas/projects with me!!

Labels for your sizes!!


Okay, raise your hand if you have ever been at a store, found an awesome deal and then freeze – you cannot fo the life of you remember the size you need!!

*Raises Hand*

Yup, totally me!  Especially with shoes!

I Heart Organizing has come up with these FABULOUS labels to print, fill out and carry with you!

How great of an idea!  I am definitely making one for each child and hubby as well!

Check it out HERE to get your fre download of these darn cute labels!

I suggest maybe printing them on card stock so they do not get destroyed so easily! Maybe go as far as laminating them as well

Frugal Organizing: The Cereal Box!


Really?  A cereal box for organizing?  What can you do with that? 

Well, I can tell you right now, Several things!!

picture source HERE

You can cut the bottom/top off the box and organize your items in your drawers.

Organize crayons, pencils, or hair ties in the bathroom, brushes, and so much more.

picture source HERE

You can wrap 3 of them in nice paper and make a filing rack.

picture source HERE

Fridge/paper organizer

picture source HERE

Use them to organize your spices or other things in cupboard!

Wrap them in scrapbook paper for a nicer look and add a label on it as well

Here are more inspiring pictures!

Share with me anything you have made with cereal boxes!  Any other great ideas?