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Weekly Weigh-In


Okay, I am officially starting my weekly weigh-Ins once again!!  I hope you join me in posting your progress!!

I really have no excuse for this and need to kick this in the butt!!!  How about you?

So, I am starting over, heavier than before, but I am not going to let that get me down – I am ready!

Starting Weight: 289lbs

Starting waist size: 52″

UGH!!  Okay, Here we go…………


Sunday Weigh-In


OMG!  No weigh-in this week, but I am joining the gym again this week to start again with my weight loss journey!

I feel like such a failure!  I have been horrible lately with the sweets and everything else.  I had no will power!  And, I have to be honest, I have gained 10lbs!  I am now at my heaviest and I feel so devastated!

Yes, if you look back at my last post and do the math, that puts me at 287lbs!!  I feel so gross!

BUT, I am not going to let it slide again!  I have been blaming it on the Holidays and such, but I no longer have that excuse.  This is a new year and it is time to put it all behind me and start a New Year!

I will be posting exercise moves and great tips that works!

I will continue to do my Sunday Weigh-Ins and I hope you will join in with mne and update us on your prgress if your goal this year is to lose weight.  Let me know any tips you find helpfull to share with everyone!!!

And, if you feel up to it, before and after pictures can be emailed to me to share with everyone!

That is my plan, but the pictures will get posted once my weight is GONE 🙂

Weight Loss Shame


Okay, I admit, I fell off the weight loss thing – BUT, I have maintained to stay where I have lost to so far!

Things have been a little crazy around my house this last month, but to be expected around the Holidays, right?

I am planning on starting the gym again once Christmas is done, so not completely giving up, just taking a break – so, keep an eye out!

I have plans of posting great recipes, weight loss tips, awesome exercises and more!  January is going to be the start of a new year for this Unorganized Mommy Of 3!

W.L. journey 11/1/11


Oh yeah, don’t even ask about today!  I did not exercise today, and my food intake was okay.  Ate out for lunch at the Pizza Ranch with some good friends.  Supper, had spaghetti and garlic toast!

Tomorrow, I will be renewing my gym membership and it is the only day I am able to get the gym this week – Ick!!

Time to clean off and break out my treadmill as well!

This week is just not going so well!  I need to break out of this funk!!


W.L. Journey 10/31/11


Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!

I know I, and my kids, had a blast!!  We did Halloween parties yesterday in our Hometown and then the neighboring town as well, in which they go to schoolo in, and they had so much fun!

Anyways, I did not have time to go to the gym today, but I tell ya what, I got plenty of exercise!

I had to work in the recycling center associated with my job today and that is constant on your feet, hard work!  Some of it not so much, but a lot of it is!  Constantly walking back and forth for boxes and other items, putting wire on a full bail, and so on – it is WORK!

And then, trick-or-treating with the kids – I know I walked a few miles tonight!  And kids do not casually walk, they run from house to house, so that speed walking is necessary!  LOL!

As far as food, well as usual, I most likely did not choose the healthiest options, Hot Stuff mini pizza, a butterfinger wafer, bbq chips, a mountain dew, 2 waters, chocolate milk, a bacon cheeseburger and curly fries.  And of course, like 3 chocolates stolen fromt he kids’ stash of candy they got tonight! So tempting, I hid it

Out of sight, Out of mind, right?

UGH!  What was I thinking when I ate what I ate – oh well, a new day tomorrow!

What did you do today??

W.L. Journey 10/28


Well, yesterday I did not do actual exercising, but I did go shopping and walked a lot!  I think that counts.  Plus, lifting MaKayla in and out of the carts, chasing after her and hauling bags into my car and so on, that counts I think also!!

Today on the other hand, I did not do a whole lot.  I was taking a break.  I did a few things, like cleaning for work and using a jigsaw to cut out projects from wood, but I did not do much exercise.  I had too many other things to do and just was not in the mood.

As far as food, well, I had mini tacos from the gas station, a breakfast sandwich, water, yes I had a pop, and a reeses (UGH – darn sweet tooth!!) – for supper I had tacos at home – a soft shell taco – 2 small ones.

I forgot my gum for work and wanted to snack and of course someone had to bring cake with that yummy cool whip frosting!  Oh YUM!  I had a piece and a half – BLAH!!  I am so kicking myself – so DUMB!!

Oh well, what is a diet when you don’t fall off the band wagon every so often – but tomorrow is a new day, right?

What did you do today??

W.L Journey 10/26


Well, let’s see, today was a slum kind of day. Unfortunately.

I started out good.  Had a water, a healthy frozen dinner (is there such a thing?), some vegetable thin crackers, and milk.

I also had a slim jim (luv me some jerky) and some more vegetable thin crackers and a can of root beer

Supper was interesting.  I came home and ate, it was a fast evening as I had to get the kids to AWANAS, so we had hotdogs and noodles.  Not the best of choices, but it happens.  Then, took my two youngest to AWANAS and found out it was Family night, well, not to be rude, we had to eat a little something, had a sloppy jo, some fritos and a small slice of cake.

Feeling a little down, and ended up having 3 (maybe 4) fun size hershey bars!  UGH!  Why are these things in my house??  They need to be gone!  BE GONE HERSHEY BARS!

And, had more water!

As far as working out

Went to the gym for about half hour.  I walked the kids to AWANAS 2 blocks, then 2 blocks home and 2 blocks back to get them and 2 blocks home again.  Not far, but it is better than nothing!

Tomorrow should be interesting – heading to the big town near me to shop! 

What did you do today??