Weightloss Journey

Okay!  So, I am putting this out there and as embarrassing as it is to share this with everyone, maybe this will help me want to lose weight even faster so I (and everyone else) can watch these numbers go DOWN!!!

So, I am going to start with my stats I had 4 weeks ago and then list them for the current date.  I will warn you, the punds are not astonishing, but my waist size is so far a success!  Go me!

Four Weeks ago:

Weight: 283.6

Waist: 54″

Today 10/23/11)

Weight: 282 (Lost 1.6 lb)

Waist: 51″ (lost 3″ – Yay!)


Now, I will be posting just about daily what I am doing with my workin out  and a weekly “weigh in”

Not sure about posting on my daily food intake yet – that may be too much, but I will be writing my feelings about how the day went/going! See the recent posts HERE

Let me know what you have found has worked, any success stories or if you are on a weight loss journey as well – we can do this together!


4 responses to this post.

  1. come by my blog every Friday for Fitness Friday and link up your weightloss posts or any healthy fitness post!


  2. Great job on the loss! I can’t wait to see where you are a year from now!


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